Frustration with Tulle4US

I’ve bought several coats from Tulle4US over the past months. I love them! They fit my lean, monkey-armed frame perfectly. And then…

For Christmas my mom bought me a coat from Tulle and one for my sister as well. Not someone who shops for the holidays months ahead of time, my mom bought the coats on November 25. My sister likes hers okay but could use a smaller size. The one my mom got me is a duplicate of one I already have, which is a sign she really knows my taste, I guess. “No worries!” I thought. “I’ll just exchange my coat for another one of the super awesome Tulle coats!” And then Tulle became significantly less awesome.

On December 27 I went to the Tulle site, logged in with my mom’s account and went to pull the return / exchange information. But alas, I had waited too long. Apparently when you buy things with Tulle you have 25 days during which to make a return or exchange. So if I had opened my Christmas gifts about a week early and made the return immediately I would have been okay. Nice.

I tried emailing Customer Service with Tulle but no dice. They did thank me for my “understanding” but it turns out I don’t have much of that.

I’m a tall gal. Shopping online is what saves me — keeps my wrists, ankles and belly button appropriately covered by my clothes rather than having me look like I shrunk my entire wardrobe. And then I have a frustrating experience like this and it makes me rethink the where I give me business…


Anyone want to buy a never-before-worn canvas hooded jacket in Parika, size large? Let me know – I can give you a good deal!

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