Aug 29, 2011

My Tattly Tatts

I have learned the lesson that Mother's Day is not the right day to tell your mom you have a tattoo. I have learned the hard way that tattoo design selection needs more than 15 minutes reflection. (I don't regret that tattoo, though. The memory of the whole experience is great. Plus, I can't see the thing without a mirror so out of sight, out of mind!) But I can't deny the fact that I still appreciate some good body art. So I was super pleased when I heard about Tattly.

After watching this Ted presentation by Jessie Arrington I started following Jessi's blog, Lucky So and So. She has one of the temporary tattoos featured on Tattly, a site selling temporary tattoos. Tattly was the idea of Tina, the force behind the design blog Swiss Miss, who was tired of applying ugly temporary tattoos on her kids. Why not some tattoos with more of a design aesthetic?

The site features some awesome options. I bought only two, and got a free one as a bonus!
Here's me sporting one of the new tattoos as I head out for a night of rock and roll.

Those last two photos were taken by Wonder Boy.


  1. Fabulous, indeed - you wear it well!

  2. Very cool, Kate! I love the "late" watches that just came out today!