Jan 30, 2014

My Blind Spot: Bill Cosby

We all have that thing that we unconditionally love, even if we maybe know better. Heck, most of us have multiple things. I’m going to call these blind spots. Maybe they’re your guilty pleasures, but I’m not going to claim any guilt for anything I like so … blind spots. My blind spots are things that I probably should have matured past but haven’t (your mom jokes), musicians that lost relevance a while back (Bill Joel) and media that has long stopped being relevant to my life (Glamour magazine).

Perhaps my biggest blind spot is for all things Bill Cosby. His comedy, his TV shows, pudding pops. I love him. While Wonder Boy and I were dating and hanging out at his house, if I couldn’t find anything else on TV, I always turned on The Cosby Show. Then one day I posed to him a very important question. On a 1 to 10, with 10 being most awesome, how do you rate The Cosby Show. He gave it a 6. A SIX!

This was alarming for two reasons. 1) I give it a 12, as in off-the-charts good. 2) He clearly hadn’t been thrilled with my TV choices for a while. Oops!

We made it past this potentially relationship-destroying disagreement by me cutting back on by Cosby Show watching and him keeping me in steady supply of Pudding Pops, when you could still buy them, which lately we have not been able to.

Many years ago we visited Athens, Ohio, and watched Bill Cosby perform at Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium in 2005. Wonder Boy laughed so he can’t deny that Bill Cosby wasn’t funny. We both agreed that a lot of his material was stuff we’d heard before, but as long as it’s funny, I say who cares.

Earlier today I bought tickets to see Bill Cosby live again, this time in Cincinnati this Spring. As soon as I heard about the event, I emailed my siblings and a friend to gauge interest. Wonder Boy did not reply. Last night I was talking with him and said, “You know we’re going to see Bill Cosby, right?” He just nodded.

He knows it’s my blind spot and just as I will always sit with him for the full movie credits after a film so he can see who scored the film, he will always be at my side to see Bill Cosby. Live. I’ve given him a pass on the TV show.

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  1. Kate H.12:57 PM

    Kate, I love that you love him. I do too. I listen to Bill Cosby Himself in the car sometimes and more than once I have laughed so hard I have been in fear of causing an accident.