Fighting Aging: A Review of ERA Skincare Products

I recently received some anti-aging skincare products from ERA Ageless to test out. My contact asked me to test the products for one week and report out using before and after pictures. One week! To assuming I would see differences in only one week had me intrigued.

I was using the ERA Starter Kit, which includes:

  • Firm & Lift Eye Cream
  • Firm & Lift Eye Serum
  • Concentrated Age Defense Facial Serum
  • Intensive Age Defying Moisture Cream
  • Complete Renew & Recharge Elastin & Beta Carotene Mask
  • Repair & Restore Facial Peeling Gels

I view myself as a challenge to any skincare products. A lot of things make me break out in hives and it’s hard to say why – perfumes, dyes or maybe just weird skin. (I’ve also been diagnosed recently with cradle cap, or seborrheic dermatitis, on my face and scalp, which adds additional complications.)

ERA touts its products as being natural, using natural botanical oils to reverse and slow down signs of aging. Using products that don’t include harsh chemicals increases the chances that my skin won’t freak out.

In addition to the ERA products, I’ve also been using a Clarisonic brush and prescription face wash for my seborrheic dermatitis.

After having used ERA Ageless skincare products for one week, I can say with absolute certainty that my skin looks great. I have had no hives or breakouts (I know … I set a low bar). If I’m being honest, I’m not sure my skin looks younger exactly, but it’s more consistent and brighter looking and feels softer. I’ve been using a lot less makeup, which is always my indicator that I’m feeling more confident about my skin.

Some pros to the whole set of products is that they were all very easy to use and apply, including  the peeling gel, which I think sounds scary. Everything went on so light that I didn’t feel like I was wearing multiple layers of stuff on my face, even if I was. This was fast to apply and an easy step to work into my routine. I experience no cons. Truly.

Here is a before and after picture:

My before and after pictures, showing the difference of one week of using ERA Ageless antiaging skincare products.Like I said, I’m not sure if I look younger … and I definitely think my selfies are super awkward-looking but I think my skin looks better and I like the ERA Skincare products. I’d definitely recommend this set of anti-aging skincare products to others and especially to people with sensitive skin.

I received the ERA Starter Kit for free from ERA Ageless. All opinions shared are my own.

41 thoughts on “Fighting Aging: A Review of ERA Skincare Products

  1. I’ve been considering buying this but have found no reviews of anyone who has actually purchased the product. Only reviews from people who were given a free starter kit to review. Have you continued to purchase the products and use them after your starter kit ran out? How long did the products in the starter kit last?


    1. I personally did not buy the products afterwards. Frankly, they are out of my price range. I did like how they worked, but have been pretty equally satisfied with less expensive drugstore products.

      1. I recently was introduced to these products while in Charleston SC. Loved the way my skin looked (esp the wrinkles around my eyes!!) but the price was way too far out of my range (the salesperson went from $700 – $350 in a matter of 5 minutes). So you say you have experienced similar results with less expensive drugstore products? Do tell please – I need help with crows feet badly!!

    2. I was stupid enough to buy it at the Calgary airport. What they test on you is not what you walk out with I went back and insisted on the sample instead of boxed and he kind of panicked. The reviews from people who
      Bought online are quite negative. Thought I was too old and wise to be suckered. Ech

      1. Hi !
        Had similar experience, bought products (exorbitant price) and what was told is not what products contain. Was suckered in buying products by aggressive and bully sales person. Went back to get refund and was told no refund only exchange ! This was on Feb. 22, 2016. Looking for similar experiences as mine.

          1. Ha! I had the same experience. My head was spinning. First I was asked to sample a tea, then given a soap sample and then, before I knew it, I’m in the back of the store having 1/2 of my face de-wrinkled. When I didn’t buy it, the sales person would not put the product on the other half of my face. Well, at least half of my face was young looking for the rest of the day!

        1. I kept asking if the products had any guarantee and if I wasn’t satisfied, within 30 days, could I return my purchase for a refund? The only answer this bullying sales girl would give me was, “you will love it”. That was the first big red flag for me. Second red flag was that she went from $1750 down to $300 within a matter of 10 minutes while she tried to persuade me. Sorry, but no product can be that good or we would be hearing about it all over the place. So glad I didn’t get scammed!

        2. Same happened to me last year !
          They forced me to buy it! And started putting it in a bag without me wanting it! I felt so bad! When I searched about it .. All what you find is a website ! No clear ingredients no clear manufacturer no clear country of origin!
          AND it’s extremely expensive. I was scared to use the products as i didn’t find country of origin.

      2. I also purchased at the Calgary Airport. I felt pressured to the purchase with all the sale. The product i liked most was the collagen in a tube; however, you think your getting a full tube when only it maybe 1 gram for 700.00

      3. Yes same thing happened to me at St Armand’s Circle in Sarasota, Fl. What he put on me wasn’t the same thing I walked out of the store with! I ended up with 2 fillers, Day moisturizer, and a toner for $450! I to am not easily persuaded and kept telling him I’d think about it, but he kept adding products and I was scammed into buying it. Loved what I saw there but not at home. Buyer beware!

    3. Hi Denise.

      I have been using these product for over 6 months. I absolutely love the Facial Serum and the moisturizers. I love them and see and feel the difference of a high end product. I have large pores and very oily skin and love love love the Facial Serum. It is the first product I have found that keeps me oil free and minimizes my pores. The Eye products don’t seem to work well for me, but I also like the masks. The ERA Ageless products are more expense, but well worth the price.

      I hope this helps.

      1. I was introduced by sales lady at sun city ,Singapore about ERA skin products , the demo was good.
        I purchased 2 sets and using all , and I found good results.

        Prices are very much happy comparing other reputed brands including Sheshido,Japan and wish to hear reasonable price.

    4. I was in a store in st Armand’s square in Florida, and had a gentlemen apply this product to my face. I couldn’t believe how great my skin looked. Bought the product. Got home and started usingthe product. So very disappointed. I do believe they use something in there store to puff up your skin. This product I took home is not what they put on me in the store. Feel like I was scammed.

      1. Thank you for your review. I was just at this store and thank God I was able to run away with the excuse that I needed to talk it over with my husband. I started doing research and came across your review and another person before you Thanks again

      2. I was there last week and the nice looking man was very pushy and couldn’t answer my questions. I basically had to push him out of my way to let me leave. I knew it was a scam by his pushy sales. Im sorry you were scammed. I walked around the rest of the evening with half of my eye make up off. I asked my kids without telling them and they picked the untreated eye. Ha. Bless your heart. That’s a lot of money to get scammed.

    5. I have purchased the products..I have invested $3500 and I don’t regret it. I love all of it! I have the C&E facial serum, neck serum, eye serum, pure collagen eye contour lift pads, elastin beta carotene mask, truffle infusion thermal mask, facial cleanser, and the face lift kit. Worth every dollar!

  2. I was bullied by an aggressive salesman in Sarasota, Fl. Bought the facial cream. Was instructed to use it once a week. Got home and looked at it and it says ‘daily moisturizer’. What the heck! Have I been scammed?

    1. I probably bought the same product at the same store in Sarasota. He told me the same thing about usage – once a week while the product label said daily. I’ve been looking online to get some clarification, which I haven’t found yet. I have not opened the product because I’m considering trying to return it based on the mixed reviews. Do you have any additional feedback?

  3. Also bought some at the Calgary airport the sales girl said she was from Los Angeles but the phone # she gave me if I had questions was Calgary. Think I was crazy to pay $200. for it but she was convincing.

  4. Interesting comments. Very persuasive salesman – same story over and over amongst these reviews – also very expensive product. But sometimes you do get what you pay for and the product certainly feels very good during the in store trial. I agree the info on the containers is not the same as the info given by the shop assistant. However my problem is that the shop has disappeared. So, I buy the product including two free facials and now there is no shop in which to get the facial. I would not recommend this product as it feels like a scam waiting to be uncovered.

  5. I had the same experience in Sarasota. The sample they used on my face is NOT the same product I spent way too much money for. Total scam

  6. Read the comments and am really confused. I have been using a complete line of daily products as well as the ones for one time a week for the last two weeks. Results are amazing!!!! Was considering neck lift but no longer. Can’t wait to see results in 6 months.

  7. I spent about $2500 at the Calgary airport. Very aggressive and manipulative salesman. I haven’t used products and am trying to find out if once I start ethey facelift regimen, will my face collapse after the 24 treatments. I wish I hadn’t been so gullible. They target their victims😁

    1. Same thing happened to me. The salesman was very aggressive and a bully. Stay clear of ERA at the Calgary airport. This was over a month ago and I still feel bad about not being more assertive and not spending so much money on a worthless product.

      1. My vacation Scam! Thought I was smarter than that!

        My first red flag was the product I returned home with was not the same texture as the product demonstrated in the store. I feel the product and results were misrepresented.
        I must give kudos to the sales team. Their performance was brilliant!
        Sorry it cost me so much for the show. Save yourself some disappointment and spend your money on dinner and a theatre performance. You’ll feel much better!!!

  8. Thank you for saving me… I decided not to buy after reviewing this plus in the back of my mind scam was screaming the whole time they were trying to sell me.

    Can anyone recommend a good company ??

  9. Era are the most wonderful products I have seen in a long time. I bought them in St.Armands and I feel a drastic difference in my face.I had a wonderful saleswomen show me the eye gel and eye serum and I see a difference and feel it to in the first two weeks.The facial cleanser also has a very nice touch to it and I personally am satisfied,it’s a lovely product and I will return to get more.

  10. These people are total SCAM artists. Although their product may have some merit the prices are so grossly exaggerated that it’s a wonder anyone buys it.
    These con artists rely on their high pressure sales tactics to sucker people in to giving them money.
    We were walking by the store at Cross Iron Mills mall just north of Calgary with my 85 year old mother in a wheelchair. They went straight for her with offers of free chunks of soap and a promise that she would look 20 years younger. Of course an 85 year old senior will listen and talk. They lured us into the store with ridiculous promises of guarantees to remove wrinkles thereby making us look younger.
    Once in their trap they performed several different applications on all of us with their products. These people are good at what they do with their demonstration tactics, it appeared the products do help and make us look better but once you find out the price, watch out!
    But putting that aside, their high pressure conning and persuasive tactics are nothing short of totally appalling.
    We got conned for about $750. after they started out at over $2000. and came down when we resisted.
    They told us the Hollywood movie stars use this stuff and told us lie after lie after lie. They are very convincing!
    When we balked at paying these super over inflated prices they actually got offended. We should have just walked right out and tried to.
    These people are horrible! Preying on an 85 year old senior is disgusting! These idiots set her back financially for over a month as she is on a fixed income.
    The store in Calgary Alberta that we were at is no longer there. We walked by yesterday and it’s gone. Good riddance to these criminals. They should be kicked out of the country and forever banned from ever setting foot in Canada again. Market Place ( a Canadian television program which exposes scams) should do a program on these people.

    1. This is such a familiar story. They are so good at what they do. And then the shop just disappears so you a) can’t return the product, b) can’t ask questions or get follow up advice, or c) can’t purchase more (if you loved it and are crazy!!!), and d) can’t get the free facial you had booked in.

      Carry on walking – do not stop.

    2. Same thing happened to me. The salesman was very aggressive and a bully. Stay clear of ERA at the Calgary airport. This was over a month ago and I still feel bad about not being more assertive and not spending so much money on a worthless product.

  11. I bought pretty much the whole line while in Sarasota, I love it! Yes I do use it more often than they recommended, and they were a little pushy. Still glad I spent the money! I’m 51 and my skin looks amazing!

  12. I transit through the Calgary Airport once per month. During my last trip I was lured into the airport ERA outlet by a young lady with Spanish origin. Since I never impulse buy a product I’m unfamiliar with (but had the time to be indulged), I let this pretty young lady apply her products on my face. Whether it is a different product than what is sold, I thought it worked well, and quickly. I thought the price was ridiculous, and like others, quickly saw it cut in half when I resisted. However, as others have done, there’s enough questionable practices to make one nervous, and given my pre-disposition not to buy unknown products, I excused myself, thanked the young lady and took my little bar of soap.

  13. I was also rooked into this at the Calgary airport while I was waiting for my flight. I started using the products but do not see the same results as I did when the girl was showing me her products. My bill was rather large and I do feel I was taken for a ride. I will say though that the people there are very skilled sales people who do not take no for an answer. Live and learn I guess as from what I hear there is no return policy. One should be careful I suppose but I guarantee it won’t happen again.

  14. I too had a similar experience while in St. Armand Circle in Sarasota. They have not one but 2 stores across the street from each other . These sales people are like a well oiled machine. They lured me into the store with a tastey little drink while a man targeted my husband about real estate outside the store . The friendly sales girl originally from Barcelona ( same girl who worked in Calgary) used the same tactics as described above. I had to be very firm but managed to leave having purchased only one product telling her it was out of my budget. I left there realizing what had happened but feeling good that I hadn’t spent even more . If you can’t afford these exorbitant prices, I strongly suggest you don’t engage when you pass by their store. These people are slick …..

  15. I just was conned this evening by the same young lady of Spanish origin in St. Augustine, Florida. She was very high pressure and told me she had just moved from Canada three days ago. I ended up walking out with the starter kit for 63 dollars and I wish I had just walked out. My only consolation is that I was able to show my son what a con artist is- and I have wasted that much on makeup before.

  16. I too was lured into the store by free soap samples and a pushy salesgirl on St George St. In Saint Augustine on Monday I intend to return it on Saturday. Not the same results as in the store. I bought it for puffy eyes. Put it on one eye as they did in the store and asked a friend if she saw a difference as I saw in the store. She did not and neither did I. If I don’t get a refund (which I am very doubtful) I will picket the store and discourage anyone from buying their products.

  17. I bought it in Key West- at least the serum /Bionyx and starter kit together was $250- nice sales lady and I approached her after a pushy salesman at another store did one eye. It does reduce puffiness and immediately works- cheaper than Botox and without all the side effects! Probably a bit of a scam – but it seems to work and I have not ever splurged on high end products – so will keep using until it is gone- eyes look prettier in pictures now!

  18. Just reading these reviews. Sure wish they were in over a year ago.
    I also bought $500 worth of products at the Calgary airport that worked wonders in store. But when using them at home I see no difference whatsoever.
    Total scam.

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