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Kate’s Point of View is a place for all of the things that I love.

At the end of October 2003, exactly two days before Wonder Boy and I went on our first date, a guy at work taught me the word Hatorade and I thought it was hysterical. A friend said, “You should start a blog.” And I did. Glamorous beginnings, right?

My initial blog was called Kate’s Word of the Day and I told everyone about it. That was early on in the days of social media and blogging so no one I knew made use of RSS (there might have been a few nerd exceptions) so I regularly emailed out links to posts. I accepted submissions from lots of other people and posted email forwards.

Since then several things have happened.

  1. I woke up to the fact that email forwards are obnoxious and not only stopped posting them but also went back and deleted them.
  2. Wonder Boy made me a very sweet book of all of my posts using Blurb.
  3. My family found the blog, or at least read it, and they were none too happy.

That third thing really caused a lot of conflict in my family and I ended up “taking the blog down,” which really meant I changed the URL, turned it off to search engines and deleted all family posts unless they referenced my brother because he was okay with, and even helped write, those posts. Years passed and I turned the blog back on. Some people know but many people do not.

I am a lot more careful boring about the topics on which I choose to write. If I reference any friends and family, use nicknames and make sure things are pretty complimentary. A lot of this is the natural evolution of blogging. A lot has changed since 2003! But a lot of it is also maturation and self-preservation.

My current goals on the website are to incorporate a lot more photography and to push myself to learn and create more. Along those lines, I am taking art classes as well as sewing classes. I’m also trying to do more reviews of albums, books, movies and concerts in this space. And through everything I am trying to maintain some sense of humor.

You can learn a lot more about me by checking out my 100 List.

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