Walking – You’re Doing it Wrong: On Slow Walkers Everywhere

Subtitled: Things That Don’t Really Matter But Still Bug the Heck Out of MeI don’t always walk fast. But I don’t think I ever really walk slowly. Maybe if I’m heading in to a doctor’s appointment I don’t want to experience? But no, even then I walking along at a normal clip to get things over with. It just doesn’t make sense, this walking slow. (Excepting elderly folk and people with actual physical limitations, of course.)

Walking slow especially doesn’t make sense on sidewalks, at malls or other stores, at flea markets or amusement parks. Oh, and races. Why enter a race of you’re going to be pokey about it?!?

When I’m caught behind a slow walker, and let’s be honest, they normally come in pairs… So when I’m caught behind a pair of slow walkers, I actually get anxious. I feel trapped. Why are you going so slow? And too often, walking just far enough apart from each other that people of a normal gait cannot get around you. Why is that happening?

I feel like slow walkers should be forced to walk single file. Or just not walk slowly at all. If my father ever publishes his book called The Code that he often refers too, right near the top would be this rule: “Slow walking. Don’t do it.”

Slow walking is an unnecessary evil.
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